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 "Candy Mountain Massacre"

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PostSubject: "Candy Mountain Massacre"   Wed Oct 17, 2007 1:28 am

The 'Candy Mountain Massacre' is one massacre I'm willing to sit out. The aforementioned title is a shockwave, internet based video game. It's your basic run and gun video game, no surprise there, and there's no surprise anywhere in the damn game. The graphics are fine for an internet game, but saying that is like saying your brother's drawing is better than the rest of the children's from the 'special class'. The game is bogged down with bugs, and choppy gameplay, along with a lot of other, more serious issues.

The gameplay itself is painfully repetitve at best, if you can get to play the game. It's like 9/11, trying to play this game, the crashes are a serious issuse, along with the fact that it glitches, and the controls grow unresponsive at random points in the game. In my opinion even if you are releasing nothing more than an internet game made to be played for 10 or 15 minutes, if the mother-fucker isn't done, if it's buggier than Joe's appartment, or if it just plain sucks, then don't release it, that's all there is to that equation.

Click Here to play.

My score: 1 of 5
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"Candy Mountain Massacre"
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